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10 Tips for Successful Home Study

With all of our educational options being online and remote, you might be struggling to manage your time and stay motivated on your own.

That is why the SA Campus team has compiled the tips below on the basis of scientific insight from cognitive psychology, neuropsychology, and educational science, to keep you motivated, reduce stress, and lift your levels of enthusiasm while ensuring that you successfully complete your online studies.

Click on one of our professionally designed courses below, for further guidance on a few essential techniques you might need when studying remotely.  

10 Steps for Home Studying: 

1. Get your brain in “Start Mode.” 
Condition your brain and tell it that “we will get started in a minute.” If you turn it into a ritual that is useful for your studies, such as cleaning up your desk, you’ll kill two birds with one stone.

2. Be in a clear headspace.  
A clear head makes it easier to concentrate. Piles of work at your workplace may distract you because you can literally see the work you still have to do. To-dos that are constantly flying through your head also cause a lot of stress. Schedule them. You can use our course on Time Management to help you do this efficiently. Click HERE for more information.

3. Study systematically and regularly.  
Divide your day into blocks and take regular breaks. Our maximum attention span is 50 minutes. If you can use 50 minutes worth of brainpower every hour, you are studying optimally.

4. Deal with distractions.   
It can be challenging to study on your own: it’s easy to ‘take refuge’ in social media or Netflix. Put your phone away so that it is not visible while you are studying.

5. Be realistic.  
Some people find it easier to work from home than others. It can be particularly difficult if several people (housemates) are working from home simultaneously. Keep this in mind when setting up that schedule we spoke about earlier.

6. Eat, Sleep, Drink, Repeat.  
A good night’s sleep and eating and drinking sufficiently are essential for studying effectively at home.

7. Exercise.  
Regular exercise is crucial for your health in general and for study concentration in particular.

8. Participate actively.  
Don’t just watch lectures online and absorb information. Take notes, make summaries and ask your lecturer questions via discussion boards or email.

9. Do it together.  
Convince a co-worker or friend to take the course with you, and keep each other accountable.

10. Ask for help.  
You are expected to be able to study independently. However, do ask for help in time if you get stuck.

Author: SAC Online

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