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A learnership is a work-based learning programme that leads to an NQF registered qualification. Learnerships are a way to provide people with work experience and recognised qualifications. So while you are working, you are gaining skills and experience, which are tested and registered as a qualification.

Learnerships bridge the gap between the current education and what is needed by the labour market and employers. They are central to skills upliftment in South Africa and bring young people onto the employment ladder and into solid career and employment trajectories.

The benefits for employers and learners are ample in a country like South Africa, where almost 50% of the employable population sit without jobs. Investing in learnerships and providing employment for trained learners once they have completed their studies is one of the best ways to impact South Africa’s youth unemployment crisis – an economic and social imperative!


Kenon is a SA Campus Learnership graduate who completed his NQF 4 qualification in Generic Management through SA Campus in 2019. He completed the practical component of his studies at Econo Foods, Bloemfontein, and is now a full-time employee. He is part of the Human Resource Department, leading the new young SA Campus Learnership learners to do their practical training at Econo Foods. “What stood out for me was Team Management. This programme helped me a lot to lead others.”

Kenon Bergman, a SA Campus graduate currently employed at Econo Foods.

Gramania wanted to broaden her knowledge, so she applied for the learnership position with SA Campus. After completing the theoretical component of her qualification in Generic Management, she completed the practical element of her studies at We Rent Cars, where she is now permanently employed. “The Learnership opened doors for me in an industry where I never pictured myself, but it made me realise how much I enjoy it,” Gramania Roules.

Gramania Roules, a SA Campus graduate currently employed at We Rent Cars.

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