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October is Social Development Month!


Doing a LEARNERSHIP is an excellent opportunity to learn new skills and develop a career in a field you are passionate about.

Learnerships combine workplace experience with formal theoretical training to get a formal qualification and have real work experience. There are no costs in applying for these learnerships, and learners are paid while doing the learnership!

  • A Learnership is a tool for multi-skilling, as it develops the competence of employees in every component of the work processes of occupation.
  • The learning route of a Learnership is more effective in promoting the practical application of learning in the workplace than most other routes.
  • Because employees will be acquiring new knowledge and skills and applying these in the workplace, companies will raise employees’ skills levels while improving work performance.

Kenon is a SA Campus Learnership graduate who completed his NQF 4 qualification in Generic Management through SA Campus in 2019. He completed the practical component of his studies at Econo Foods, Bloemfontein, where he is now a full-time employee. “What stood out for me was Team Management. This programme helped me a lot to lead people.”

During his interview, Bergman thanked Mr Pieter Widd and the rest of Econo Foods’ Management for the opportunity to advance his career at Econo Foods. He is part of the Human Resource Department, leading the new young SA Campus Learnership learners to do their practical training at Econo Foods.

The Skills Development Levy is a Tax Levy for businesses required by the South African Government to encourage learning and development. These levies are part of salaries and are meant to be spent on the training and development of the employees’ skills. Companies can apply for mandatory and discretionary grants to fund their training programme while earning valuable B-BBEE Spend Points. SETA Accredited companies like SA Campus facilitate such programmes at little to no cost to your company.

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