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Let us get you Workplace Ready!

An impressive CV does not mean you are equipped.  Question is, are you workplace ready?

The road to successful adulthood is bumpy, but the more skills you gain, the smoother the ride. The truth is that you might be incredibly work-ready, but you also might not be. We are all different and grow at different paces. Our life experiences differ hugely and therefore, so do our learning experiences. No matter how you feel about work readiness, now is the time to step into the process of becoming ready to work, but one step at a time. Let us guide you in the right direction.

With more than 140 lectures and over 7 hours worth of video content, this SA Campus Online course guarantees to prepare you for any workplace situation, good or bad.

From ethics to time management, budgeting, and hosting a meeting or setting up a report, we’ve got you covered. Work readiness skills are a set of skills and behaviours that are necessary for any job.

This course will be useful to learners who are starting a new career or want to refresh their soft skills for the workplace.

The qualifying learner will be capable of:

  • Inducting a New Team Member,
  • Understanding your rights within the South African Constitution,
  • Applying Time Management skills in the workplace,
  • Understanding Business Ethics and Conflict that can arise in a Workplace,
  • Chairing and Attending a Meeting,
  • Applying basic fundamental Mathematical and Verbal skills in a formal setup,
  • Understanding business finances; setting up a budget,
  • Applying the rules of Customer Satisfaction in your workplace,
  • Explaining the concept of leadership,
  • Differentiating between leadership and management,
  • Applying the different roles and qualities of leadership in a work context,
  • Explaining the concept of personal ethics in relation to the moral compass,
  • Describing the role of a code of conduct in a work environment,
  • Upholding the code of conduct within the work team,
  • Understanding the effects of HIV/AIDS and how it can affect your work-life,
  • Understanding the implications of the HIV/AIDS pandemic for society, the economy, a business sub-sector, an organisation, and a specific workplace.
What more could you possibly need to be Workplace Ready?

Author: SAC Online

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