Ladies, Let's Get You Skilled!

Do you have an action plan for a successful audit?

An audit is a systematic review or assessment of a part or the whole of an organisation. It may examine certain organisational processes – are they running smoothly and or legitimately? Similarly, an audit may involve an independent examination of important financial information, such as annual accounts, subsidy requests, or reports.  A skills audit is a special type of audit, focusing primarily on mapping your employees’ knowledge, skills, and abilities.

Audits can be performed either internally or externally. Internal audits are performed by auditors employed inside the organisation. External audits are performed by independent auditors from outside the organisation.  And that is where we come in!  Let us take care of your skills audit!

Here's how it works:

We will provide a consultation to determine your employee-specific growth and development needs.

Thereafter, we will compile a personalised professional development plan consisting of self-paced online courses aimed at furthering your employees’ skills in their specific job roles, while focusing on filling any skills gaps and reaching their career goals.

We will further assist in setting timeframes for completion of our online courses, with email reminders once your employees are enrolled.

Our courses are 100% online, with lifetime access to learning material, assessments, and a certificate after successful completion.

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