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POPI Act Power

"The more technology we bring into our lives,
the more our Privacy seems to slip away."

Don’t let your only POPI be a flower this Spring!

Is your organisation POPI compliant? The purpose of this legislation is to protect the personal information of citizens, which is obtained and processed by both public and private institutions, and also attempts to balance the right to privacy with other rights such as access to information.

This course debunks common myths surrounding the POPI Act and teaches participants about what the Act covers, what their rights are as individuals in terms of their personal information – as well as their responsibilities as someone who handles the personal information of others.

This course can be completed anywhere, anytime, using any smart device. Users can register and pay for courses online and complete their courses online from start to finish. E-Learning has many benefits, not least of which is the easy access to support and the ability to progress at a comfortable pace, in a place that the learner is comfortable with.

What is personal information?
Personal information is a broad term and relates to an identifiable, natural or legal entity and includes, but is not limited to:

Contact information – telephone number, email address etc.
Private correspondence.
Biometric information – blood group etc.
Demographic information – age, gender, race, date of birth, ethnicity etc.
Opinions of and about a person or group.
History – employment, financial information, medical history, criminal history as well as educational history.

The POPI Act applies to every business in South Africa (even international companies that do business in South Africa) that collects, uses, stores or destroy personal information from a data subject (the natural or legal entity to whom the information belongs), whether or not such processing is automatic.

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