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1. Adaptability
Adaptability helps us be flexible and manage change. It is the number one quality employers look for when employing new staff. Many of us don’t do well with change but learning to adapt to ever-changing demands and goals in the workplace with a positive, problem-solving attitude will make you an invaluable asset to your employer. It will also help you stay relevant in your role, so you remain an asset long into the future.

2. Communication
It’s all about good communication. Sometimes things become cliché for a good reason – they’re true. However, there are many facets to effective communication – intentional listening, proper body language, clear and appropriate verbal interactions, well-crafted written correspondence, thoughtful questions, and even choosing to communicate. This little “power skill” packs an enormous punch for job success. If you need some help in this department or even want to consider making this a career path, furthering your education with SA Campus Online can open many job opportunities.

3. Time Management
This soft skill is a crucial one, and it benefits you as well as your employer. Knowing the things that trip you up when managing your time will help you improve in this area. Are you a procrastinator? Are you chronically late? Are you too optimistic when setting project deadlines? Do you overthink things, making you take longer than you should on a project? Are you tempted to take care of personal business or post to social media on corporate time? Addressing any of these issues and mastering your time will signal to managers that you are reliable and that they will get the most out of you every day.

4. Critical Thinking
While some jobs may require you to perform the same function repeatedly without variation, the vast majority of today’s jobs are the think on your feet type. Employers expect you to bring analytical thinking to the individual, team, and corporate tasks; to look at the big picture; to identify trends that can potentially help or hurt the organisation as a whole or on a particular project; to not only identify problems but potential solutions, as well. Furthering your education through SA Campus Online’s short online courses can help you develop your critical thinking abilities.

5. Willingness to Keep Learning
Staying stagnant in your mindset will undoubtedly lead to obsolescence in a few short years. With technologies and business practices changing at warp speed, it is imperative that you stay abreast of the big things – like advances in your field – and the small things, such as mastering the latest version of the software. Taking the occasional course or attending professional development seminars will look good on your resume and demonstrate to your employer that you have the drive to stay industry-relevant.

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