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Update Your Resume

When was the last time you did a full review of your resume? Most people only update their resumes when switching jobs or applying for a new one. That leaves you with an outdated document which is usually daunting to open years after touching it.

1. Update your Skills. 

Have you taken a class? Mastered a new program? Make sure you list all your professional skills, both soft and hard. If you have not done any short courses relevant to your profession, consider enrolling in a few short courses worth listing on your resume through SA Campus Online, in the comfort of your own home, at your own pace.

2. Ensure that your Technical Skills are up to date.

You know the latest software trends can change in a flash if you work in tech. Make sure that your applicable technical skills are up to date by completing a course in ExcelPythonTableau or Social Media Management.

3. Add your Remote Work Skills.
Remote working skills became desirable in March of 2020 when COVID forced offices nationwide to close. Now that many employers embrace remote work, it’s a good idea to include any work-from-home skills on your resume. Examples include Time Management or better Administration Skills.

4. Highlight your Efforts during the Pandemic.
As we all know, 2020 was challenging, especially for job seekers. Make sure to highlight how you worked through COVID-19— and how resilient you were. How did you continue building on your experience? Or how did you help your business stay afloat? What new skills and tools did you learn? Don’t gloss over or neglect this challenging time. The fact you got through it, especially your achievements during it, shed light on your work ethic.

5. Add Measurable Results.

Job searching is competitive, especially now in 2022. To give yourself an edge over other applicants, go back through your resume, think of ways to better your current skill set and qualifications, and add measurable results to demonstrate your skills and abilities. For example, if you are a barista or a store assistant, consider a course that will make you stand out from the rest, like this one in Achieving Customer Satisfaction. Or, if you are a manager with years of experience, but no qualification, consider getting qualified with this comprehensive 10-hour course in Management Development.

Kick-off 2022 with a resolution you can stick to! Here are a few course suggestions to get you started:

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