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Women's Rights for an Equal Future

What Women Want

As we face climate change and biodiversity challenges on a global scale, ensuring that communities can overcome challenges and achieve our global commitments when it comes to environmental decisions and action is more critical than ever.

This year, we celebrate the 26th anniversary of the Beijing Platform for Action, which set a foundation for greater gender equality.  2021 is a year of celebrations dedicated to honouring Charlotte Mannya Maxeke and realising women’s rights.

While juggling commitments and responsibilities, women deal with so much and still look great while doing it! The sub-theme: ‘What Women Want’ of this year’s Women’s Month will emphasize the importance of elevating ordinary women’s voices across sectors of society.

The biggest challenge facing women in South Africa and across the globe is educational inequality. The government and social partners are all fighting against the devastating COVID-19 pandemic while ensuring equal rights for everybody.  Achieving higher education levels has made it possible for women to progress in society.

Never listen to anyone else, be grateful for the opportunities that have been given to you but remember to speak up for yourself. If you see a gap, take it, and do what needs to be done.  At SA Campus we offer many opportunities to upskill yourself without relying on others who would slow you down.

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